Maintenance Contract

Managed helpdesk provides end user support. We offer business hours and after hour support. All the tools for monitoring and reporting are included.

We proactively monitor your network that allows us to catch most of the problems before they become bigger issues.

We manage your core IT Infrastructure to ensure smooth operation whether you are using Microsoft or open-source. We have your covered.

Whether you are using AWS or Azure, Simplelogix can manage these services in cloud and ensure you are getting peak efficiency.

Simplelogix can manage your inbound and third-party application for you, so you can focus on your business.

Simplelogix Provides end to end data management solution from extraction / ETL all the way to analysis and dashboarding.

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Premier Solutions Inc.

Information Technology has evolved to global scale. Simplelogix's approach to manage our customers. We utilize the global approach and pool talent from around the world to service our customer in 4 continents. This ensure that our customers are getting the best possible services at the best possible price.

With our fully outsourced IT management and Helpdesk services, you inherit our quality support and presence whenever you need us most. With our 24/7 and global presence, you are never alone. Choose Simplelogix as your reliable, scalable and nimble managed services partner.